Residential complex

Gumbati in Gorgasali






from 750$

Elite type residential complex

  • The construction was carried out within the framework of the state targeted program and Funded 100%
  • The high-quality facade is covered with natural stone, expensive ceramics, brick and wood texture material which is effective in the climatic conditions of the city and will reduce utility costs
  • Convenient payment and interest-free installment terms
  • The complex has reception 24/7 and related services
  • One of the many benefits is the environment. The apartment is located near the central park where you can find the Zoo and Dolphinarium

About the project

14 floor


Apartments from 30 м²

Brand elevators

Two entrance


Commercial spaces

Reception 24/7

Near the central park

About the project

Construction progress

Commercial area

Apartments sold

Parking sold

Due date:

2021 year


13/15 Gorgasali/H.Abashidze str

Apartments for living and business

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